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pokemon-shaymin.png Enter the unknown cavern without the Pokémon league

You need to have cs trip then go searching in Cramois-island as well as surf. Get a Ectoplasmic, train him to level 100 and also a Pidgeot at 100, go to the cavern recognized: there will certainly be the guard.

How you can increase things

Area the thing you really want to increase in 6th location. Go speak with the old male in the city of Viridian, after fly to Cramois island, swim in the water fifty percent board - fifty percent ground swimming up and also down and you will certainly view a missingno run. Do not Catch!. Go back to earth as well as look in your bag: you will certainly have a icon alongside your Sixth thing.

To obtain Mew

You most likely currently went (e) of Argenta Gallery (the entrance is 50 pokédollars and one could see fossils, a shuttle bus and moon rocks). The gallery lies (in the basement, where there is the shuttle) a little girl with her father that desires a Pikachu. So you have to train a Pikachu till it reaches the degree 100 and you have to put the head of your Pokemon team. Go see the little girl, which will certainly declare you and provide you the Pikachu Mew. Precaution this walkthrough is simply legitimate in heaven and yellow versions.

The covert city

Go to the Safari Park, walk till you have only 180 actions. Save. Visit the hut number 1 (not an additional). Resauvegardez. Go to the entryway of Safari Park. One need to ask if you want to leave. Merely just before doing start (it's difficult, yet not impossible) and also save. After that doing this, go, fly to Cramois island and browse on the coastline. At one issue the speaker must talk, it will take you back like you have actually usually done. Then venture out. You will certainly see INSECT CITY.

Tip catch MEW

To apprehend Mew: ask a close friend to provide you the cut and CS did not visit the Oceane, after that compose a Nidorino the ONE HUNDRED level and also exchange it with somebody near Carmin Sea The individual you desire to share Nidorino. Nidorina against, yet as an alternative it will give you the keys of the van; goes Oceane, take surfing as well as going on the right financial institution. You will discover a van. Do the step, below there is a Pokéball, inside there MEW


Provide Chansey pension and also leave a stack hr. Back as well as egg Chansey will certainly be a Toguépy.

Just how have TETARTRE

It's extremely straightforward: you go to Céladopole then you go to the other side of the coast and also you fish with Mega cane.
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Even if you lose greater than 5 times, exchange device. After 15 or 20 minutes you must begin making 1 times 2, after that after 30 to 45 mins, you need to win at all times.

Ways to have 2 Masterball

When the President offers you the Masterball, stoquez in the COMPUTER that remains in the space as well as go to Pokemon home Céladopole. Look in secret and also you have 2 MASTER BALL COMPUTER.


For Missingno the 000 Pokémon, visit Cinnabar, after that fly to Viridian, talk to the old guy that tells you exactly how to capture a Pokemon ( allow it do its demo). Go to Cinnabar and swim at the beach. After a minute, Missingno show up. Care: If the Game Kid puts up, shut off as well as on.
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