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Good health. Everyone wants to have a way of life. At present, there are many provocations, whether it be food. Social media use Rarely have time to exercise These things are all causes of our health to deteriorate. So I have a simple and healthy way to tell. Which, if the girls do, it is guaranteed that the health will definitely improve
1. Dining choices
Can not deny that Food is one of the important factors for the body. To produce good or bad results Depends on choosing the right food Because the body will be developed and repaired in various parts should reduce foods that are high in calories, fried-grilled or grilled foods Because if the body burns out, it will eventually become fat in the body. The best way is to eat 5 foods in the right amount. Choose to eat only useful foods.
2. Brain administration
Brain management is another way to help build good health. Try to find a brain training game to play, such as crossword games, memorizing game, picture game, game of sudoku game, or Chinese chess game, etc., should turn to eat more fruits, orange, grapes, berries Because these fruits contain antioxidant substances to reduce the symptoms of forgetfulness, forgetting or laughing, which helps blood flow better Because the body secretes chemicals in the nervous system that relax Which will benefit both the body, mind and the people around you will be happy as well


3. Stay away from social media.
Today, no matter where you turn or do, you have to take pictures. Share information, don't miss important events, which, if used at the right amount, will give us good results. But if used too much, in addition to being a social addict May also cause eye muscle fatigue Or dry eyes, because they have to be staring at the screen for a long time May cause blurred vision, blurred vision, or short-sightedness The best way is to rest your eyes. And manage our eyes as well, such as blinking the eyes to prevent dry eyes Or looking at distant objects Will help to relax the eyes And if reducing some social Will not cause stress from news Better mental health
4. Exercise
Exercise in addition to good health Because the internal organs of the body will work effectively Also gives us immunity far away from various diseases, mental health as well Should exercise at least 30 minutes a day after work Try walking, exercising at a public park near your home, or running, aerobics, but keeping your body healthy. But if anyone does not have time to exercise, household chores may help as well, such as gardening, sweeping the house, rubbing the house, washing the car is considered an exercise in itself. Also keeping the house clean and tidy as well
5. Get enough rest
When completing various daily activities The best rest is sleep because the body will be able to fully recover. Should sleep for 8 hours and sleep for a time. Because if sleeping too late The body may be tired. It also has negative consequences, such as wrinkles, risk of various diseases. The best way is to rest enough. When waking up to receive a new day The body will be refreshed and alert throughout the day. Health will also be good as well.

See, just how easy it is to make you healthier now. May have to spend a bit of effort May feel a bit reluctant at first But can guarantee that No effort, absolutely zero. Considered a profit too!

story by : slotxo
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