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When talking about the benefits of alcohol, people often think of But the red wine looked across the beer to celebrate the merit and was equally beneficial to the body. In drinking and beer, it does not become a calorie center or not find food. Which way is not the same.


Conversely, beer helps to reduce suffering from heart disease. 42 compared to those who do not help to lower blood pressure in the event of abnormalities in the body. Relaxing hard and relaxing, like sleeping pills rich in vitamin B. This beer also helps to increase immunity and prevent infection. Oregon's Health and Science University

It can be seen that the many benefits of beer are whether you are a young office worker or a young athlete who has to talk about because of alcohol. Choose to sip beer instead of plain water while drinking or drinking all over. The first beer group that drinks soft drinks doesn't have to drink too much. But also helps increase bone mass and reduce drinking as well

But ... as I said, the benefits of beer will happen when you drink the right amount. Not drunk, can be assured that the recommended amount is 1-2 small bottles per day. The results may vary and believe that people who drink beer help reduce beer problems. Contains flavonoids (The same as found in tea, garlic, chocolate, apple, etc.) helps to reduce the amount of sugar in the blood and the body weight actually received. But the problem is if the weight is given You have to drink up to 3,500 pints per day (1 pint = ¾ of a large bottle). Ask if this idea is work. Oh, we don't think so.

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